Quotation & Analysis

Our Production and manufacturing Process starts with an accurate quotation of your garment by our technical design team. Our experienced production staff will carefully go over your garment or tech pack and the process involved in making it to exact specifications.

We will provide an accurate quote and suggest ways to either improve on it or streamline the manufacturing process to achieve the perfect garment/textile good at the most competitive price.

Pattern Creation

The next step is creating a computer digitized pattern to achieve the best fabric yield and cutting efficiency. We have taken great measures to become more efficient in our production to cut down on costs which lets us pass those savings onto you and your company.

Our cutting room is equipped with Gerber GtXL computer cutters; therefore all patterns have to be computer generated. This gives us the ability to create better yields for your production, thus saving you cost on each garment.

Our Process


Cutting Department

Equipped with conventional spreading equipment in support of three 120 ft. tables and an 80 ft. table for marking, spreading, cutting, and bundling. We have the newest Gerber GtXL cutters with a vacuum table and the latest Gerber software for precision cutting of both small parts and shell material.

Sewing/Production Department

Our sewing department is divided into 7 separate production lines, each separated by garment category to optimize through-put sewing and quality of the garments. Each operator is trained and experienced in their respective garment category, whether it’s blazers or trousers, each category has their own skilled operators and line managers to ensure quality and through-put.

Quality Control

Our quality control staff are trained and are experts on in-process quality systems checks and final audit inspections. We take proactive measures to insure that no order or garment leaves our facility without being first inspected in every operation process. Quality starts with inspecting the spread goods. Later each sewing line has production managers which inspect each in-process bundle on each operations. Later inspected again by our quality auditors to ensure there are no defects on the garments. No order is allowed to ship before first completing our general quality audit form, and our dimensional quality audit forms, which are recorded and signed by the auditors.


All orders are tracked by size/quantity through our internal proprietary order queue system. Once an order is ready to ship after going through our quality control process the order is poly-bagged, hung on the appropriate hanger, and packed into boxes separated by size and style. Orders are processed and shipped to the appropriate destinations using customers preferred ship method. All garments are packed and shipped according to the customer’s specifications.